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We are two PhD students at University College Dublin, Ireland and have come together to create this symposium.  


We would like to thank the Humanities Institute, University College Dublin for their generous support and also the College of Arts & Celtic Studies and the School of Art History & Cultural Policy, University College Dublin for their assistance and support in the preparations for this event.  We are truly thankful.


Doreen Balabanoff & Martina Hynan



For more information on our sponsors see:


Humanities Institute:


College of Arts & Celtic Studies:

School of Art History & Cultural Policy:



Our emerging research focuses on perspectives from the lived experience of women and practitioners, and seeks to bring together historical, contemporary and futuristic understandings of individual and societal portrayals and manifestations of birth experience and environment. 

This interdisciplinary symposium will consider how our cultural representations of birth influences our approach to childbirth itself.   The event will draw on visual theorisations of women’s birthing bodies from the eighteenth century on; investigate visual readings of maternal identity in local and global cultures, and map images of birth and birth environments.

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